Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Awakened from Hibernation

Hi Brides! I have come out of hibernation and started to work on my Bride Quilt again. I have almost finished block #15 with the two birds and the nest. Since the feet were too traumatic for me, I have decided to scrap then and am now stitching them with embroidery floss and, as you can see, I'm not completely done yet, but I think I could show it to you nevertheless. As you can see, the tree will have - in between each leaf - a fruit/berry/apple to add some red color:
I have also begun with my 16th and last block, block # 17. The town I live in is called Gaulsheim, which loosely translated means "horse town." Therefore, I felt that the two horses made perfect sense for me, but, since I have already bent the bride's block motifs to suit my own purposes, I didn't really want to include the elefant, although I love it and think it would make a nice wallhanging by itself. I really loved Teresa's solution of coupling the horses with a tree and came up with my own pattern, which, I hope Teresa won't mind and the rest will approve of:
Although # 15 and # 17 are not yet complete, since I know I only want to make 16 and not 20 blocks, it was just too tempting to arrange them yet again to see how they look together and here's the result (although I think I will most likely rearrange them again for the final constellation:
What do you think? Greetings from the Rhine, Britta


  1. Britta!
    Welcome back. You found a creative way to manage those pesky bird feet. They were my challenge also and I resorted to wool. And your horses and tree is a wonderful block. I like how you have made this quilt your own. I especially like the house block - it reminds me so much of when I lived in Spangdelham Germany.

    I can't wait to see how you finish your borders for this quilt.

    Judy in Oklahoma

  2. Wow! This is fabulous! I love your birdie block and especially your horsie block! Your blocks looks so harmonious all together. You are so close to your goal of 16!! Your birds remind me of redwing blackbirds, which I LOVE! And I greatly approve of the horses and their tree!!! (I know...what were we both thinking with the tree and all the tiny little leaves!)

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. Hi Britta, The blocks look wonderful. I definitely paused at 16 blocks but there was this one more bird block I really wanted in the quilt and I really could not part with any of the first 16 so... Have fun rearranging, I played with that for a long time. The horse block is so good, I like yours and Teresa's.
    Happy Stitching,

  4. It must be the time of year, regardless of northern or southern hemisphere, for coming out of hibernation and sewing again, after 6 months of nothing I am back at my CWBQ again.I love what you have done with the horse block, and they will love standing under a fruit tree eating all day! I plan to make 2 white horses [which are relevant to me] standing under a tree. It is fun seeing how everyone is tweaking blocks to make them their own.

  5. Britta I think they all look great together. I like your house block with the loving hand, that's my favourite. Your bird block is full of contrast. Your tree with horses has that kind of 60's 70's scandinavian retro feel to it! It is a good thing we all make our own variations with little changes to make the quilts different and interesting.

  6. You have done a wonderful job arranging your blocks and making your quilt truly unique. Have you decided what you will do on your borders?

  7. I love the stunning colours in your quilt. I am nearly finished the 2 birds in the nest block and now you have inspired me to finish it !Love all the blocks you have done so far, very striking colour choices.

  8. Hi Gals!

    Thanks for the warm welcome back!
    @Judye: I have no idea where Spangdelham is, please enlighten me!
    @Teresa: right now I am less worried about the leaves, which are easy enough to appliqué. I am rather worried about all the fruit circles I want to add in between....
    @Cheri: there you go.... a labor of love!
    @Ann: good idea. Can't wait to see your white horse variation!
    @Ineke:Scandinavian retro feel is exactly what I was going for. Seriously, I love the strict symmetry involved and felt that this look would go very well with the CWB's other designs. I had first planned to make a willow, but that looked too much like the cherry twigs in the table block
    @TexasJane: thanks! No, not yet but I will definitely try to add some personal touches there as well, such as references to hobbies (sewing, bluegrass mandolin, reading) and profession (American flag, books etc)
    @Celia: in the beginning I had wished I had more retro fabrics to really make this a reproduction quilt, but I have arranged myself with the more modern feel of the materials and colors (plus my changes to the original pattern), as I think the original bride also did make a rather contemporary quilt when she made it.... ;-)

    Greetings to all from the Rhine,


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