Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Block #14

Well, this block certainly went faster and created less stress for me than block #13. It was nice to have a break from tiny pieces and challenging shapes. I think I like the bird blocks the best at this point - they all seem quick and easy and restful compared to some of the other blocks. I wasn't sure about the bright red for the flowers but I really like how they turned out compared to my blue peacock. I made a gold eye for him but it isn't really noticeable. I may need to change that for my bird to see. P.S. I leave the white paper tabs on the leaves to remind me that they flow over onto the neighboring block. Otherwise, I would sew them up in the seam allowances or else trim them off when I trim the blocks to size. So now it is on to Hannibal and his horses. I think I will do them before block #15. Or maybe I will start block #15 at the same time to maintain my sanity through all those skinny horse legs and tiny shirt parts. (I plan to skip block #16 - they remind me of vultures - and I will insert my groom block instead.) Albeit a strange block .... to go from flowers and birds to elephants is a bit of a leap, but I decided to include him. I was raised in New York so he is my NY connection. Well, back to the applique! Judy


  1. I love the red flowers they really pop. Beautiful bird too!

  2. I love your peacock block! The flowers are lovely. I look forward to seeing your horse and elephant block. What - no vultures! lol I changed that block too :0)

  3. Very pretty block, the bird blocks are my favorites also.
    Happy Stitching,


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