Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Two Blocks!

It has been a difficult 2011 so far in my house, but I did manage to find a few minutes now and again to do some applique on my Bride Blocks. I actually had the first block mocked up and ready to roll back in December, and after sewing, unsewing and changing out fabrics for some leaves (twice) and the urn (3 times!) I am finally happy with the end result. I was doubting my choice of background fabric in the beginning, but am thrilled with how the muddled, tea dyed muslin looks. It is "my style" and will give me the exact look I was hoping for. Block two went a bit better, but now, on second look I am less than pleased with the way the applique of the white flowers went. My gut told me to line the blossoms before needle turning them, but I went ahead and sewed them down anyway. I should have gone with my gut...I think I am going to take them off- at least the larger blooms- and redo them. "Perfectionist" is my middle name- sometimes to my own sewing detriment. All in all, I am happy and very excited to begin my third block. May go out of sequence and keep the bride for another time. We'll see.


  1. Your work looks great! You cut out the back from the white flowers and slip in another piece of white and see if this helps. By the time you add the backing and batting you will not notice how the white looks. I done this also, always go with your gut instinct. Keep up the good work.

  2. I like your blocks Karen. I am also a perfectionist and it can be a real nuisance!!
    I don't think you will notice the white anymore after a while. Do some more blocks and see how you feel then.
    Success with the next one. I have finally taken up courage to start on the block with all the leaves.....

  3. Karen, Nice start! I think I would continue on to the next block--of coarse as I am suggesting this to you I an undoing some of the same type flowers in the upper border and changing the flower centers. Are all applique lovers type A personality or at least perfectionist? I like your background also. Your blocks are beautiful.
    Happy Stitching,

  4. I like what you have done with all your blocks.
    Continue to be inspired and share with us your work!

  5. Karen,
    I love the muslin background. I think the applique really pops on the background. Don't feel you need to second guess that.

    I like Julee's suggestion .... don't take the applique apart - slit the backing and insert another piece of the white. Or try layering it with batting as a block and see how the flowers are affected by that. Last result will be taking it apart and redoing the flowers. Of course this is coming from another perfectionist that has taken blocks apart and redone them too!

    And yes Cheri ... I think we must all be type A perfectionists to do applique. Who else would have the patience?!?


  6. Do you trim the background away from your applique after sewing shapes down? I usually do this because I'm a hand quilter I try to reduce the number of layers I quilt through. I did it on the larger shapes of this quilt. With the background gone, I could trim away excess seam allowance from darker leaves, etc. so that the turned under lighter fabric could hide things.

    As I study your picture, I can't really see that it is a problem...maybe it is more noticeable to you than us??? (grin)

    Keep on keeping on!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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