Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi Everyone, Isn't it weird how the same pattern can look so totally different? Ineke, my new internet buddy,( we met on this site,) and I are making this quilt and Tweets together. When we put our latest blocks together, look at the difference! I think that I must have left out a bunch of leaves and she must have enlarged all of them! But each block has it's own charm! This is so great working on the same project together!


  1. I can understand that. I have also been leaving out a few pieces from time to time... its my quilt so I don't have to stress over it..Both of these blocks look nice!

  2. I agree that each one of us is free to interpret each block in our own way and that is good news since every block has it own unique charm. These two are a lovely example!

  3. I like them both! I am so glad you guys found each other, how nice to quilt with a new friend.
    Happy Stitching,

  4. Both are beautiful! What fun to find a friend on the Blog.

  5. I like both of them....I'm posting for my friend and even though we both are doing this in reproduction fabrics they both look so different. Just love the bloggers!!!!


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