Thursday, April 28, 2011

Block Ten

I'm happy to say I'm back making blocks for the CWB quilt.  After we moved I crashed for several months and couldn't seem to get with it.  The last month or so I've been appliqueing again and the last few days I've also gotten caught up on reading the Blog.  What wonderful blocks you gals are making.  A special congratulations to you, Cheri, for finishing your quilt top.  It's amazingly beautiful!  I'm also impressed that you got it finished in just a year.  And I just noticed that Karen's is finished too.  Way to go.  It is stunning!

Here's my block number ten, the strawberry block.  I decided to embroider the strawberry tops after reading about the struggles some of you have had appliqueing the pointy tops.  I also decided to add some strawberry flowers. 

I haven't made blocks in any particular order and this makes the ninth block I've made so far.  Here's a shot of them all together.   


  1. Beautiful blocks. Love seeing your fabric choices.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Welcome back Linda and what a beautiful block. It was wise to embroider the top of the strawberries. I would do that if I were to do this block again. I love the strawberries flowers.

  3. I love your block and I was thinking of doing this one next. I may copy your idea of embroidering the strawberry tops. Well done and keep going!

  4. çok güzel olmuş ...ellerine sağlık,,..

  5. Welcome back Linda, great block, the flowers are a nice touch, your strawberries look yummie, like expensive bonbons, love to see your next block.

  6. That is so pretty and I love your strawberry block, all the colours are lovely together

  7. Welcome back Linda! Your blocks look wonderful, the embroidered strawberry tops and little flowers are a perfect addition. Thank you for the congrats on finishing the top. I just finished outline quilting all the appliques on my bride and about to start working on background quilting.
    Happy Stitching,

  8. Hello Linda,

    Beautiful Strawberries. You could just gobble them up! The embroidered tops are wonderfully worked in Lazy Daisy stitches. Are the flowers, gathered or silk ribbon? Very nicely finished.


  9. Your blocks look wonderful together!! I love the addition of the strawberry flowers.

  10. Linda,
    The strawberries are wonderful as everyone said. Great idea of using embroidery for the stems and tops. And I love the flowers. The 9-grouping is so nice together. I love you bride, with her white dress and flowers. Can't wait to see more now that you are back to it again.


  11. Thank you so much for your comments. It's so nice to be back here with such supportive women.

    Cheri, you are making such fast progress on your quilting, can't wait to see it.

    Bobbie, I made the flowers by gathering a circle, like I do for a yoyo, then divided it into 5 segments with thread to make the petals (saw it in Janice Vaine's new book, pg 128).

    Judy, I appreciate your comment on my bride's white dress. Recently I was told by a woman who does CW re-enactments that they didn't wear white dresses during that period. Before I made the bride block I had done a search on Google images but am now second-guessing myself. The dresses I saw may have been modern weddings done CW style.

    Even though I like how the white dress looks, I'm thinking of adding a band of colored fabric near the bottom of the skirt and sleeves so it may seem more in the era. What do you all think?

  12. If you want to keep it in the CW era I would add the other print. I did wonder about the length of the dress, thought this era had floor length.
    All your blocks look great together. Keep going...

  13. Hey Kinda,

    welcome back. I was sort of hoping you'd stay aloof for another few months so I could finally catch up, but alas, now you'll be done in no time and I will putzing around for ages... LOL. Just kidding, it's good to have you back to encourage me to move on... I loooove the strawberyy blossoms! Very cute!

    Greetings from the Rhine,


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