Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Here comes the groom..."

Well, I finally finished my groom block. My friends have viewed it and gave their approval also. They were critical in helping me get him designed and "in fabric" so to speak. My inspiration for him came from so many different places .... a 2009 post from Lizzie on her groom, a 2009 post from Teresa on her groom, pictures from the American Folk Art Museum and what they thought might have been the groom for this quilt, some research on line of colonial men, and my own family. Thank you Lizzie and Teresa for your inspiration!
My family was still in Europe when the CW raged in the states, but my husband's family was already here. I thought I would introduce you all ... the first photo is Adam Sliger (1820 - 1926). He is my husband's great great grandfather on his father's mother's side. We have photos of him in his confederate uniform but some other family member has it. The second photo is of Riley Hasrial Mc Donald (1821- 1895) and his lovely wife Mary Jane Holloway McDonald (1851 - 1889), my husband's great great grandparents on his father's father's side. Notice the age difference ... he was 30 years older than her and she still died earlier ... life was not easy in the 19th century.
As vintage quilts frequently included lots of symbology in their images, I thought I would carry on the tradition .... so my thought on my groom ...the musket is for my husband's family members that fought during the CW. The peanuts (and squirrel) are for the family generations that homesteaded in Texas after the war as peanut farmers. (The squirrel is also for the ones that keep terrorizing my dogs in the back yard. .... And yes that squirrel looks very similar to Kim McLean's ... I am also working on her princess feather quilt and belong to the glorious applique blogspot so borrowed from her design.) The pear is for my father-in-law, who has wonderful pear trees in his front yard. People come for miles to get pears from him for pies and canning. He always gives them away for free as that is the sort of man he is in all things. It also helps us remember all the times he has fallen out of the trees while reaching for "that perfect pear" ... the man is 6 ft 4 but can't be content with the "low hanging fruit". My husband is a man of similar fiber and I thank God every day for my luck in finding him. I actually redid my bride's face - making her smile. How could a bride not smile while contemplating her future with her groom? I think they make a lovely couple.
So, sorry about the weird layout of the pictures but I still have not conquered the art of posting things the way I would like them.


  1. Oh your groom is so much fun and so very meaningful!!! I love everything about him and the symbolic items that keep him company. Great job on the peanuts! That is not easy to represent! I love the idea of the musket and the sory behind the pears. How very wonderful and special will this block be in your quilt!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. Judye your groom is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. I love old photos, thank you for sharing. Your post is so sincere and fun to read. Thank you

  3. Such a lovely story Judye, thanks for sharing and I love the symbols with your groom..

  4. He is lovely, the more I see bridegroom blocks the more I think maybe I will do one. The story makes it all so personal.

  5. I love your groom block - it's fabulous! I haven't drawn/sewn a groom for my quilt yet. I love the symbols you've used. The squirrel is a marvelous touch.

  6. What a great story, don't forget to tell this story to everybody who will be admiring your quilt, one day far far in the future they can tell the history of your family in the quilt museum. So many of the stories get lost, so be sure to treasure it with your quilt. :)

  7. I totally love your groom and especially enjoyed the family history and marvelous pictures. What a treasure you have created.

  8. What a lovely couple, the groom block is a perfect addition to the quilt. Great post, I really enjoyed reading about the family history.
    Happy Stitching,

  9. Awesome job on your groom's block and I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading about them.


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