Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More birds ....

Celia and I must have been thinking alike. We both finished the same bird block.
I did mine to resemble red-wing blackbirds, one of my favorite birds. I love to see the color on their wings when they fly. We had a house in Texas where they were more common than the sparrows. It was wonderful!
I still need to add their eyes. I was thinking yellow eyes but my family thought that would make them look "possessed". I thought having red eyes would make them more possessed than the yellow. Sigh .... I may have to experiment with different colors.
Judy in Oklahoma


  1. Very nice, I just love seeing how different everyones blocks are, the spotted birds look great.

  2. Hi Judy, The red winged black birds are lovely. You make me smile, I was worrie about "possessed" birds also, the yellow eyes looked good on mine, I am with you red eyes are scarier.
    Happy Stitching,
    Cheri :)

  3. I like your birds very much. I find it hard enough to choose bird fabric - I haven't even thought about eyes yet - yikes!

  4. Judy,

    Love them, black birds, even spotted ones are my favorite. Lovely applique, the birds with their red accents just pop right off of your block. I love it!


  5. Love your birds. Yellow eyes sound good to me.

  6. I hve just started this one myself. One thing is the feet, but what about the beaks? Did you applique them like the pattern shows? They are so tiny! I was thinking about folding them and then applique them on.... not sure if it would work....


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