Friday, May 27, 2011


I am finished with my Civil War Bride. This has been such a fun quilt and the blog has just increased the fun. A little recap, I applique by back basting and then needle turn. The quilt is finished with machine quilting on my domestic machine, invisible thread on the top and aurifil on the back. I used a wool batting for the first time which gave the applique a wonderful "puff".
I got such wonderful advise on this blog, like from Judy in Oklahoma who told me how her sister sews a thin ribbon around the edge of the quilt to keep the borders from waffling (just barely seen in the upper corner of this picture before the binding was added).
With encouragement from the blog I dared trying new things, like adding some inking.
I must say this totally scared me to write on this finished quilt and I ended up going over the inking with some machine embroidery stitches.

I will still be watching for new blog posts, all of your Civil War Bride blocks and applique inspire me.

Happy Stitching,



  1. congratulatins to the finished quilt,it is very beautiful,you can be proud,happy stitching,susi

  2. Beautiful. This quilt is still on my to do list and your beautiful work is an inspiration.

  3. Wow Cheri, that is soooooo beautiful! Your quilting is amazing too! It was nice to see what you did because I've been debating how to quilt mine when it's finished. It looks like you did some meandering in the blocks and some crosshatching in the borders. Did it need any stitch in the ditch? Just love how it turned out. Bet it took lots and lots of hours to do all of that quilting, not to mention all the time I know you had already spent on the appliqueing. What an accomplishment to have it all finished. Way to go!

    What do you plan to work on next? LindaPut

  4. Wow Cheri! It's a significant accomplishment to have finished this quilt. It's wonderful!! I think the inking/embroidery looks lovely. You've done such a beautiful job of quilting this. Enjoy!!

  5. What an heirloom! It is so beautiful and motivating. Thanks for sharing and thank you for the encouragement.

  6. That is beautiful, congratulations. I enjoy using wool batting too. it is great to work with. I hope you have got a special bed ready to show it off on.

  7. This is a huge accomplishment, and a gorgeous quilt. Thank you for sharing your ideas, tips and progress with everyone ! You should be very proud.

  8. Cheri,
    It is wonderful! You have done such a great job with gettin g this master piece finished. You should definitely be proud. And I'm glad that the ribbon on the edge worked out well for you. And I like your idea of putting your initials and the date by the blue birds on the top border. I may just steal that idea for my quilt.

    Judy in OK

  9. Cheri that quilt is absolutely gorgeous, you should be very proud, it is really a heirloom. CONGRATULATIONS
    And thank you for your tips and ideas.

  10. What a masterpiece... Well done!

  11. You are one lucky ducky to have a finished Civil War Bride quilt!! It turned out so beautiful! Don't you love the stitch deifinition you get with a wool batt? I'm sorry this comment comes so late, as I have been having trouble commenting with blogger.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  12. Your finished CWB quilt is beautiful. I am just getting started and love this pattern. You must be going through withdrawls now! hee hee
    congratulations and you should be very proud.

  13. wonderful quilt, i will copy some among your collection


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