Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ribbons for the Bride

This weekend was my local quilt guild's annual show and my Civil War Bride won three ribbons. A second place ribbon for it's category and then two special ribbons:

A viewer's choice ribbon, voted on by the show attendees, and a President's choice ribbon voted on by past Omaha Quilter's Guild Presidents. The quilt generated so much positive feedback and interest. I told so many people about the Civil War Bride Quilt, the blog, and how helpful and encouraging it is to do this quilt and share every step of the way on the blog.

The fun of this quilt continues,


Saturday, June 25, 2011

My blocks are done!!

Well, I finsihed the last of my blocks, modifing the bird into a cardinal - one of my favorite birds. Yeah!!! Happy dance!!
The next step was putting the blocks on my design wall and seeing who wanted to go where. I decided not to put the bride and groom side-by-side. I liked the bride above the groom arrangement better ... maybe something about women over men? Only joking. I think it had more to do with empty space. Most of these blocks are VERY full of things. With a handful of them having more open spaces. It seemed to off-balance the quilt when they were too close together. Then there was the butterflies and leaves that reached over into the neighboring blocks to consider. I didn't want to hide one block element for another one from the adjoining block. I thought about 3A being in the 4A position but 3A has leaves that hang over and that didn't seem quite right Hannibal's block. Same with 3B and that butterfly. Yada-yada-yada this is what I came up with at last.
Then I did the "glasses off" test which then blurs the wall and things looked okay to me. But now, I send it out to everyone for their comments, suggestions and input about placement.
Now it's on to the borders .... and more leaves ....
Judy in super hot and dry Oklahoma

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's a boy and a girl

My two birds (of prey?) have become a boy (blue) and a girl (pink). The ostriches have feathers from a tulip fabric, and a body from another flower. The elephants have dots. It is going to be a strange circus around town. My theory now is: our sturdy bride is fallen in love with the handsome man from the circus, in fact he was the groom to be. Or he has left her for the elephants.
Only a few blocks to go ....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 totally different civil brides

Hello Ladies, Yes, Ineke and I are still alive en appliqueing, (is this a word?). Anyway we got together and laid out our blocks next to each other and lo and behold what a difference. Ineke used Kaffee Fassett fabric and I used reproductions. Eash is great in their unique way. I love her bold colors and great fuzzy cutting. My timid birds and smaller leaves don't reflect my personality at all. I should actually have the bolder colors and shapes. Guess that I'll have to make a bold quilt next! Ineke is almost done with the middle blocks, I have 5 more to go. We;ll keep you posted. Greetings from a wet and not so great Holland! Ineke and Lorene

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Block #5

I enjoyed making this block, especially the vase.  Plus there weren't too many leaves in this block, compared to many of the other blocks, so it went fast too.  I decided to make a few minor changes to the block.  I left out the small apples on each side of the vase and changed one of the flowers to a 5th rose bud.  I think it still has the flavor of the original block so I'm happy with it.  Now on to the next vase block..........

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Block #1

I had a fun weekend sewing and got a couple of projects finished.  One of them was block #1 on the Bride quilt.  I was happy that there weren't so many leaves to applique on this block.  I tried to get the blocks with tons of leaves off my list first, so this one went together a little bit easier for me than some of those did.  Ten more blocks to go, so I'm half way there with my blocks.  Yeah!