Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 totally different civil brides

Hello Ladies, Yes, Ineke and I are still alive en appliqueing, (is this a word?). Anyway we got together and laid out our blocks next to each other and lo and behold what a difference. Ineke used Kaffee Fassett fabric and I used reproductions. Eash is great in their unique way. I love her bold colors and great fuzzy cutting. My timid birds and smaller leaves don't reflect my personality at all. I should actually have the bolder colors and shapes. Guess that I'll have to make a bold quilt next! Ineke is almost done with the middle blocks, I have 5 more to go. We;ll keep you posted. Greetings from a wet and not so great Holland! Ineke and Lorene


  1. WOW.... This is the first time I have seen the bride in Fassett fabric.... love it..... but there is more going on the placement of bright / soft of the blocks gives the eye places to rest that does not happen when all the blocks are of similar fabric.

    Well done.... yes I know the blocks will be split each to their own home.... but it is a thought for the future......

    Posting as anonymous because of blogger's weirdness and my not haveing a "blog".

  2. oh,what a difference,but i like them both,happy stitching,susi

  3. Wow, they look great together, they look great individually also! I am so glad you two met and are able to work on this quilt together. I agree with the first commenter, very interesting to have a bright next to a softer one, just goes to show what a great pattern this is.
    Happy Stitching Ladies!

  4. They are both beautiful, it must be fun having a friend to work with and help thru the difficult spots. It is so interesting to see how different all the blocks are. Good luck with the borders.

  5. Great, this is fun, to see the same beautiful blocks - yet so different but both lovely. Will we see the quilts in Veldhoven next year?


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