Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Block #5

I enjoyed making this block, especially the vase.  Plus there weren't too many leaves in this block, compared to many of the other blocks, so it went fast too.  I decided to make a few minor changes to the block.  I left out the small apples on each side of the vase and changed one of the flowers to a 5th rose bud.  I think it still has the flavor of the original block so I'm happy with it.  Now on to the next vase block..........


  1. You are on a roll Linda. The block is beautiful. I think we get so good at all those leaves they just start going faster :)
    The changes are pretty, I am a tulip lover and think I added a tulip in this block.
    Happy stitching,

  2. Linda you go fast. That block is looking good and I love the vase, beautiful fabric.

  3. Your block is lovely. It's one of my favorites from the quilt - it's the shape of the vase I think :0)

  4. Linda, love the block. It is just so pretty. I especially enjoy the vase fabric. Gives it that extra special touch. Nice colors.

    Blissfully Stitching,


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