Saturday, July 30, 2011

In the midst of it all

It's been a week and a day since someone decided his views were worth the lives of 76 people here in Norway. It takes a while before you feel you can focus on everyday life again. It all feels so unimportant. But, we Norwegians are pragmatic, if nothing else, and life has to go on. With a slightly more grey lining for a while yet, but still. So, here's my plunge into life:) Block #3. I am NOT a fan of pink. At all. But I decided to use it on this one. It brings more depth to the whole quilt, I think.


  1. you made some wise choices with your pinks you are right it does add depth. Lov eall your different leaves and how they are floating on your block.

  2. hej lene,your pinks are wonderful,love your block.and all my best wishes to norway,susi

  3. My heart goes out to all of you in Norway. I think the pinks in your block look great. My problem color is purple and I am trying to use it in this quilt because, as you said, it adds depth and interest. I love how the CWB is pushing us!

  4. The pinks and dark greens are beautiful in your block, it is a very peaceful block to me. All my best to you and your fellow country men as you get past the shock and horror of this tragedy.

  5. How horrible. What a tragedy for the families and all of you.

    Your block is just lovely. I think the pink looks nice. I noticed that there are some pink flowers in the border of the quilt (the Threadbear one). Your block will accent those well in addition to being pretty.

  6. My heart broke for Norway last week Lene, what a terrible waste of life..

    Love the pinks, they look just right..

  7. My prayers and very big hugs to everyone in Norway who was affected by this horrible tragedy.
    The block is just lovely and the pinks are wonderful. You will be very happy with them when all of the blocks are together.



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