Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Block

Hi Everyone! I've been enjoying seeing all your blocks, and have finally gotten up the courage to post my blocks. This is the first one I did, and actually the colors are more vivid than my camera would allow. The red of the apples is very red, not murky and dark. I'm using different backgrounds for each block, and having fun going through my stash for the right fabric to use! I'm also using the plastic template/magic sizing method and even though it's time-consuming, I find it's easier than needle-turn for me. So, here it is....I hope you all like it! (and there will be more to come...if this post goes smoothly, I'll post my others shortly) Vicki in Connecticut, USA

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  1. Yahoo! I started my quilt today! I began with block #1 and referred to yours alot Vicki. I thought I would be so clever and draw the entire block out before cutting anything. I attached eveything to the fusible web, cut them out and began to place... I had copied straight from the front of the pattern, so everything was backwards when I layed it out!
    That is when I remembered someone mentioning something about a light box.
    So I started over, taping the pattern backwards on my window and redrawing everything. That's when I shut the window and accidentaly slammed my fingers
    in it. Ouch!
    I know it has to get easier, right?
    Now I am icing my fingers and looking up light boxes on the internet.... :( LOL


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