Thursday, August 4, 2011


Now that I have the center blocks finished I am starting to think about quilting. I am wondering if those of you who have completed your blocks did any cutting away from behind of the larger pieces. I made a Baltimore Album a few years back and I think I cut out from behind some of the larger pieces. When quilted it seems to emphasize those pieces a bit more. Any thoughts on that?


  1. hi jane again,i did not cut fabric away from the background,and i handquilted mine, susi

  2. To cut or not to cut...ask 12 quilters and get 12 different answers, LOL! I cut away from behind hand applique when I know I will be hand or machine quilting fairly heavily. I like hand quilting the applique motifs, and I hate going through tons of layers! I personally don't like quilts that have large, complicated applique motifs that are only outline quilted - I think it makes the designs too poofy, especially when the backgrounds are densely quilted. The only antique quilts I've seen with "holes" in them where the applique is missing weren't quilted enough (and maybe not appliqued all that well), in my humble opinion. I cut away under my bride, except on tiny berries and smaller leaves, etc. I "built" my applique units in such a way that they were essentially one layer (except, of course, for the turned under seams). I used too thin a batt on my bride (live and learn...sigh), but still got some nice 3-D effects from cutting away and hand quilting through the appliques.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. Have to say I rarely, if ever cut away behind my applique, but as Teresa says it's a personal choice I think. Well done on finishing the blocks, they look fabulous..

  4. Hi Jane, Congrats on finishing your center blocks. I did not cut away behind my applique for the the bride. I have another ablum quilt that I did. They both turned out well. I machine quilt so I am not concerned with the added layers, I definitely would be if I was hand quilting. I did use a wool batt for the bride and got really nice dimension on the applique, I had heavily quilted the background so that just added to that dimension look. I am sure what ever you choose will be beautiful.
    Happy Stitching,


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