Thursday, August 11, 2011

Strawberry Block - My Third Block

I finished the Strawberry block a little awhile ago but just took a photo. I liked making this block until I had to sew on the tops. I thought about doing ultrasuede but I ended up fusing the tops on and then machine stitched a blanket stitch around each top. It actually looked better than I thought it would. For my 4th block I started on the one that has two birds that are pale pink with lots of leaves. I am most definitely not using pale pink for my two birds. The brighter the better in my book.


  1. Lovely, the pepperminty greens look so fresh. I have just gone back to my strawberry block to do just what you have done, machine blanketstitch, glad to see it works.

  2. Mari, once you are used working with the blanket stitch, you will be hooked. Love your color choices, I am curious which colors you are going to use for the pink (I call them flesh, like they are nude) birds. Enjoy!

  3. Another wonderful block. I love the bright and lively fabrics and after seeing your first block I found some of that terrific background fabric to add to my stash. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Mari,

    Your blocks are looking just lovely and I adore your colour choices. Still am amazed by your leaf fabrics.

    You go girl!

  5. Me encantan tus trabajos, la muñeca está genial.
    te felicito


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