Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hello every one, My photos are not where I wanted them, but you can see them so that is the most important I suppose. I finally started this quilt (been aching over a year) and so far I absolutely love every minute of it. I changed my background again. First I twice wanted to use a relatively plain background in different shades, but I decided on this small print by Jo Morton. I also decided (I had a year to think) that I wanted the same green (Bonnie Blue) all over the quilt, as I think was in the original (or maybe she used 2 different greens) because I think I will be using a lot of different fabrics and this will tie the whole thing and make it less chaotic. It is also easier to find 1 good contrasting green I think. But here is my question : how much green do I need? So far I bought 2 meters, which is a little over 2 yards. Will that be enough or should I buy more now that I can still find it? Usually I use different fabrics in 1 color, so this is the first time I have this problem. Can some one help me out please? I am using the glue hand applique method from Teresa (Fabric Therapy) I found in one of her tutorials. Teresa, if you are reading this, thank you very much for that, I truly think it is the perfect way for me to do this quilt. Happy sewing to all of you, Françoise


  1. Oh good start, and I really like the background. I also like the idea of all one color green, I did notice in the original BOP top mostly one green was used and I look forward to seeing your future blocks. I would absolutely buy another yard and probably two yards of the green In this day and age of expensive fabric I hate to over buy, but that Bonnie Blue is a great one and I am sure you will use any left overs in future projects, on the other hand Bonnie Blue sell out quickly and it will soon be hard to find. IMHO Enjoy your CWBQ journey and Happy Stitching!

  2. Francoise,

    Your CWB will be unique for the use of a single (mostly) green since most of us have scrapped the green (and other colors too) to a fare thee well.

    Good job!

  3. Francoise,
    First ... love your background. I think the quilt will be quite striking when done.

    Second.... there is LOTS of bias strips for the stems, both in the blocks and in the borders. That tends to take up more fabric than just straight cuts. And LOTS of leaves in some of the blocks. If you want to use the same green throughout (which I think will be great too!), I would error on the side of too much instead of too little. So, as Cheri said, grab another 2 yards while you can and then just enjoy any you have left over.

    Can't wait to see more blocks.

    Judy in Oklahoma

  4. from the Georgia Mountains (USA(

    ALWAYS buy more fabric. You can always dye the leftover if you are tired of working with the same color. You will never regret too much fabric.


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