Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For better or worse....

.....the bride is done.
 But she has struggled every inch of the way. I am sure it is because I have changed her so much. And I am still not sure what happened to the pink dress I was going to give her. Somehow I changed it into a yellow one, and I do not like it at all! I may start all over again...!
Have a nice day


  1. She looks fine to me, I love the soft colours, and the base she is standing on is perfect for her. I also struggled with the bride block, and was so glad to finish her.

  2. I think she looks beautiful with her long hair and the yellow dress is very pretty and goes well with the flowers.

  3. It seems the bride block is one of the most difficult to execute of this pattern. I made my bride's dress three times until even marginally satisfied. Jane, your yellow dress is very, very nice. And, I believe you're about the only one to give your bride long hair. My guess is that you'll like your bride block better when set alongside the others.


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