Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Side borders done...

I was hoping to have finished all the borders before now but life had gotten in the way again .... I finally have the two side borders complete with some changes. I really liked the children riding the dogs from the original quilt and wanted to include them. After some debate with myself, I ended up with just the dogs on the left border. I also added another larger red wing blackbird on the bottom of the border ... too many butterflies andflowers ...
I had thought of adding the racing horses (which I also liked from the original quilt) on the right border but thought they were "too energetic" for the rest of the quilt where other animals seemed to be at rest. So I added two morning doves instead, something common in Oklahoma and a bird I really liked. They seemed to balance out my dogs and compliment the other birds in the quilt. So they are done and I liked they way the borders look.
I am now working on the top border...
Judy E in Oklahoma


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful, Judy. You must be so pleased! Succes with the next border!

  2. Your borders are really looking great. I must get back to this one, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love your borders!! I like the changes you've made. The dogs and mourning doves are wonderful with all the flowers, leaves and other birds. I love how you've arranged your blocks - such a beautiful and interesting quilt!!

  4. I very much like your borders!! What an amazing job you have done on this quilt!

  5. Your borders are great, I have cut the background for mine, hope they turn out as well as yours! Ann in N.Z,

  6. Judy,

    Absolutely love the borders, the dogs are such a nice touch. One more and you will be finished! Yaaaaa! Good for you.


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  8. Judy, this is really adorable.... Don't worry, life gets into all our ways on the road to speedy success. That's just how it is sometimes. However, even if something grows slowly, it still grows...
    Cute dogs!!!

    Greetings and encouragment from the Rhine,


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