Friday, November 4, 2011

Third Set of Twins.....

This is the third set of twins that I've done for the CWBQ blocks. I wanted to show off the fabric that I used on the birds. It's a William Morris print. The other photo is of all the blocks I've done so far. Now, I'm at the half way mark, I'm deciding whether to do all 20 blocks or stop at 16 blocks plus borders, because I do not have a big wall to hang a large quilt. I'll have to think about it a bit more, but that won't stop me!


  1. You did not ask but I am going to give you my two all the blocks and when it is time to put it together then you can make the final decision. If you decide on the 16 then the 4 can be put on the back or made into a smaller quilt....

  2. Yes. I totally aree with the above comment, the only difficulty may be deciding which blocks to leave out! Your birds are beautiful, that Morris fabric is perfect for them, why didn't I think of using it [a fat quarter sitting in my basket of Morris fabrics!]The way you have pieced the background adds so much interest overall, well done.

  3. Love he William Morris fabric on the bird...the entire block is very beautiful.
    I would encourage you to do all the 20 blocks and the border...

  4. Your block looks great! I love the fabric you used for the birds - especially how you cut it so it looks like they each have an eye.

  5. Mona,
    First let me say that I love your blocks. I love the pieced background of each and I love the mixture of fabrics you have chosen - just beautiful!

    Second - do all the blocks. You can always modify the borders to accomodate the size of your wall if necessary. I find the blocks to be the most interesting of the quilt - the borders in the pattern are rather plain compared to the rest of the quilt. And you can always make pillow covers, a smaller quilt, put them on the back, etc if you eventaully chose not to use them.

    Judy in Oklahoma

  6. I am new here, planning to start the quilt!!!!! YOUR FABRIC CHOICES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.


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