Friday, January 27, 2012

Question about block #1.

Dear ladies, I am confused about the 'leaves' in the upper left and upper right corner of block #1. Are these leaves? Or birds? I have seen several different possibilities, and would like to hear from you which you have choosen.

The same shape of applique appears to be in the upper left corner of block #7, the one with the two peacocks. It is not that I cannot decide for myself, but I am interested in your choice of shape and color.

Hope to hear from you
Sylvia Kaptein

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A small question

Hi. I have not published here in a while, mostly because I find myself struggling a lot! with the current block. So I have decided to let it rest for a little while, and attack another block. I have one question, though. Does anyone know what kind of birds the pinkish are, the first one on the fourth row? I am not familiar with the type, and frankly... they remind me of vultures with their weird beaks.... I am wondering about replacing them, but might keep them if I knew what they are. Anyone who can help?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

In all her splendor.....

Happy New Year to all! Looks like there are a bunch of newbies working on the CWBQ. Welcome and have fun sewing up the blocks! I've been working on the blocks since the year the blog started....and still working on it! This is block 9 which I name "Bird of Paradise" showing off in all her glory!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My first applique block for this project...

Hi there, quilters. My name is Sylvia Kaptein. Great to be joining this group: I have purchased the CWB pattern a while ago, always wanted to start, but never had the time, because I had my own quilt business (had to stop for health reasons), Now I have just started on my first block. I am not a novice concerning applique: it was always my first love, but time consuming, so I had to have a lot of time available before starting on such a project.

I have choosen for warm colors, because I am giving this quilt - when finished - to my sister: she is a widow for 1 1/2 years now, and has trouble coping with this. I know she would really love this quilt, and in a way giving this symbolically to her as a widow, because of the lack of a husband in the quilt. She was married for 42 years, when her husband died very suddenly: with this quilt I hope to give her some solice: the symbols represent everything in her life she had (except for the race horses and the elephant of course), and everything she loves. I know she likes the original colors.

I have drawn the outlines of this block with water erasable pen, and appliqued the first leaves on the background fabric. I hope the next picture will be of a finished first block.

Sylvia Kaptein
The Netherlands, Europe

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Full blog....

Hi everyone, yes I'm still here, things have settled down somewhat in the last few weeks and this year I'm hoping to reclaim my life a seems we have a full blog roll...! Blogger will only allow 100 authors on a blog but I'm still getting requests from lovely ladies that want to join us. Baukje was the lucky 100th member last week.

So what I need to know is if you ladies that have finished your quilts would mind being taken off the author list? You will of course still be able to comment, encourage and mentor as usual but you wouldn't be able to post. Your blog will still stay on the side bar, nothing changed except you wouldn't be listed as author's...!! 

I really would like to be able to add new 'brides' as they request an invite this year, if you are listed and aren't going to make/continue/finish your bride quilt could you let me know please so that I can open up a space for someone that is keen to start...?
If I don't hear from anyone then I will have to go through and see who hasn't participated since the beginning and send out some emails to see if you're still joining us or not. 

I've had a couple of emails about a new book in the last two weeks, a new adaptation of the 'bride' quilt, thanks to Helen for this one..
I did get a link from someone else and I'm sorry I just can't find the email. It came right in the middle of Mum's move into the care home and life was a blur for a while there..but thank you to whoever it was, I'm sure it was the same book..!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and the new year is being kind to you, I'll be back again soon I hope...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quilting, quilting ....

Dear brides, it is winter in Holland, so ideal to do some quilting and some more quilting. Just two borders left to do. Is is really coming to life now, and also I found a few bits I forgot to blanket stitch! so they are done by hand.
This is the first quilt I am quilting which does not get bored, every block is something new. Hope you all enjoy working on your own CWB quilt.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I am new here....

Hi everyone, I am Baukje, a Dutch woman who lives in the French countryside.
I started quilting about two years ago and I am VERY enthousiastic.....Already several times I came upon the Civil War Bride quilt, so beautiful and I love reproduction quilts. (I have to confess that I have more favorites....)
I don't have  the pattern yet.  I saw that there were for sale on the web two kits with Fat 1/16 for making the kits. Reproduction fabrics sells a kit and Threadbear sells a kit. I want to make the pattern with reproduction fabrics, I already have about  50 different repro fabrics but most of them are in reds and brow.
I have two questions:
  Is there anyone who bought one of these kits and where you satisfied?
 Do you advice me to buy a kit or to start with my own repro fabric.

Thank you for reading and hopefully, answering my questions;
And thank you Lizzie for introducing me to this wonderful blog that I visited already many times

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My first block

I am glad to join the group , so let me introduce myself :
I am Claire, french, living few kilometers from Paris, and I intend to do one block each month with two others french girls who perhaps will join the group.
If not, I will post their blocks.
I chose for my background a fabric from Lecien, I am afraid, perhaps not bright enough.
I selected fabrics from my (big!) stock and as I cannot resist to buy new fabrics, I bought some reproduction fabrics ...
Here is my first block :
I have a blog where I post photos of my others work (embroidery, crazy, etc ..., knitting, crochet) . My "blogger name" is Bricolos du Lundi .

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Block 4 Completed

I have been working on the blocks since last February. For some reason I was not keeping up with completing them in a timely manner. I finished the 4th block in November or early December and forgot to post the pictures. I am going to try very hard to complete many more blocks in 2012. Mari Linfesty