Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Full blog....

Hi everyone, yes I'm still here, things have settled down somewhat in the last few weeks and this year I'm hoping to reclaim my life a seems we have a full blog roll...! Blogger will only allow 100 authors on a blog but I'm still getting requests from lovely ladies that want to join us. Baukje was the lucky 100th member last week.

So what I need to know is if you ladies that have finished your quilts would mind being taken off the author list? You will of course still be able to comment, encourage and mentor as usual but you wouldn't be able to post. Your blog will still stay on the side bar, nothing changed except you wouldn't be listed as author's...!! 

I really would like to be able to add new 'brides' as they request an invite this year, if you are listed and aren't going to make/continue/finish your bride quilt could you let me know please so that I can open up a space for someone that is keen to start...?
If I don't hear from anyone then I will have to go through and see who hasn't participated since the beginning and send out some emails to see if you're still joining us or not. 

I've had a couple of emails about a new book in the last two weeks, a new adaptation of the 'bride' quilt, thanks to Helen for this one..
I did get a link from someone else and I'm sorry I just can't find the email. It came right in the middle of Mum's move into the care home and life was a blur for a while there..but thank you to whoever it was, I'm sure it was the same book..!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and the new year is being kind to you, I'll be back again soon I hope...


  1. Darn it, Lizzie! I didn't need to see that BOM! Sigh.... Wool applique! Sigh....

    1. Ooops sorry Margaret, just can't seem to help finding them can I..?

  2. Lizzie I think I am a member you can take me off. I won`t be starting my journey for at least another year. I am still cheering people on and giving coodles so there is a spot for ya girl.
    Glad things are winding down or on an even keel..hugs

  3. Hi Lizzie, someone can have my spot.

  4. Dear Lizzie,

    Thank you that you took my question for joining the blog to an invitation. I have noticed that there is a 'stop', but fortunately I was asked to contribute too, so again, thank you. Also to Cheri, who's spot was open after she gave it back to you.

    I have just started to applique the first leaves to the first block, yesterday, after drawing the outlines of the applique to a wonderful fabric. I hope to be here often, sharing my experiences with all the other quilters.

    Wonderful new project though, how can it be that there are so much wonderful applique projects I've just noticed, when I have started on this one..? Perhaps something for the future.

    Happy quilting
    Sylvia Kaptein
    The Netherlands, Europe

  5. Hi Lizzie,

    ABSOLUTELY, take mine, since I'm through, LOL. I should have thought of that myself. Isn't it wonderful that so many people want to still be a part of this fabulous blog?? I am curious to see the new Bride book...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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