Friday, January 13, 2012

I am new here....

Hi everyone, I am Baukje, a Dutch woman who lives in the French countryside.
I started quilting about two years ago and I am VERY enthousiastic.....Already several times I came upon the Civil War Bride quilt, so beautiful and I love reproduction quilts. (I have to confess that I have more favorites....)
I don't have  the pattern yet.  I saw that there were for sale on the web two kits with Fat 1/16 for making the kits. Reproduction fabrics sells a kit and Threadbear sells a kit. I want to make the pattern with reproduction fabrics, I already have about  50 different repro fabrics but most of them are in reds and brow.
I have two questions:
  Is there anyone who bought one of these kits and where you satisfied?
 Do you advice me to buy a kit or to start with my own repro fabric.

Thank you for reading and hopefully, answering my questions;
And thank you Lizzie for introducing me to this wonderful blog that I visited already many times


  1. The purpose of a "fabric kit" is to give you many choices of just a small amount of fabric - you don't say how many fabrics are in these kits and I could not locate them on the internet. Sure get one kit and use it. There will be some fabrics you are not satisfied with or that you like but this quilt needs a lot of fabric and not every piece is going to one you like. You will use the fabric you have as well. Lots of leaves and not many leaves in nature are red or brown. LOL

  2. Thank you for your comment, I made two links to the different kits.

  3. I got a starter kit from Threadbare. It was just lovely! I would not have been able to find that many different reproduction fabric where I live. So far I have only added a few more greens and brown, since you need more of those two colours. I recommend it if you do not have a big stash of repro fabric.

  4. Buy the kit! I bought a kit when I started using Kaffe fabrics and I'm glad I did. This helped me figure out how to use these fabrics and since have added many more to my stash. Google CWB kit or Bird of Pardise and you will find many places in the US that sell it and few are doing it as BOM. Soon you will find yourself buying more to add to your collection. Have fun with it.

  5. I bought the pattern and starter kit from Corlis Searcy in Castlemaine Australia. I am now on my last block and am thrilled with everything I received.

  6. I just have bought the pattern, and had so many fabrics to make this quilt, I didn't need to buy the kit, and have just started yesterday with my first applique to the first block.

    I think with one backgroundfabric and a lot of scraps, it will do too!

    Sylvia Kaptein
    The Netherlands, Europe

  7. wish I had the time, maybe next year....
    it is beautiful!


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