Thursday, January 19, 2012

My first applique block for this project...

Hi there, quilters. My name is Sylvia Kaptein. Great to be joining this group: I have purchased the CWB pattern a while ago, always wanted to start, but never had the time, because I had my own quilt business (had to stop for health reasons), Now I have just started on my first block. I am not a novice concerning applique: it was always my first love, but time consuming, so I had to have a lot of time available before starting on such a project.

I have choosen for warm colors, because I am giving this quilt - when finished - to my sister: she is a widow for 1 1/2 years now, and has trouble coping with this. I know she would really love this quilt, and in a way giving this symbolically to her as a widow, because of the lack of a husband in the quilt. She was married for 42 years, when her husband died very suddenly: with this quilt I hope to give her some solice: the symbols represent everything in her life she had (except for the race horses and the elephant of course), and everything she loves. I know she likes the original colors.

I have drawn the outlines of this block with water erasable pen, and appliqued the first leaves on the background fabric. I hope the next picture will be of a finished first block.

Sylvia Kaptein
The Netherlands, Europe


  1. Hallo Sylvia, heerlijk om nog met de quilt te kunnen beginnen, je zult zien dat ieder blok een feestje is om te maken, maar NOOIT de blaadjes gaan tellen :)
    Sylvia nice to be able to get started on this quilt you will see that every block is different and beautiful on his own, but NEVER count the amount of leaves :)

  2. Hallo Ineke,

    Tja, ik begreep dat jouw quilt al af is, althans, het appliqueren. Ziet er geweldig uit.Ga je hierna overigens nog een ander applicatieproject doen?

    Hi Ineke,

    Yes, I understood your quilt is finished, at least the appliqué. Looks great. Will jou be starting another appliqué project soon?

  3. Hallo Sylvia, ik heb net het patroon besteld vandaag!!!!!
    I just ordered the pattern today!
    Maar ik geniet nu al zo van alle posts bekijken op dit blog!!
    I already enjoy a lot all the bride posts on this blog.
    Groeten Baukje

  4. Hallo Baukje,

    Welkom bij de club, ik ben ook net lid geworden. Ook al enthousiast dus. Heb je al stoffen voor de applicaties uitgezocht?

    Welcome to the club, I've joined just now. Enthusiastic too? Have you already found the fabrics you want to appliqué with?


  5. I think that is a beautiful thing that you are doing for your sister. I am sure this quilt will warm her heart. She is lucky to have a sister like you :)

  6. Hi Sue,

    Thank you, but I think this is nothing special. I really love to make an appliqué quilt, and like to make it for someone that appreciate such a quilt. I know she will, because she loves antique quilts. SO there are two ways to this story: 1) I have the opportunity to make a gorgious appliqué quilt (in secret, because I do not want her to know just yet) and 2) Have a goal for making this.


  7. Hoi Syvia,
    Snap het niet, had gisteren een reply geplaatst maar ik zie het nergens op de blog. In ieder geval ook welkom bij de club, fijne club om lid van te zijn. Lief dat je hem/haar maakt voor je zus. Geniet van het in elkaar zetten, het is elke keer een feest!
    I don't get it. I placed an answer yesterday but it didn't get published. Anyway, welcome to the club. Enjoy the assembly process, it's a party every time.

  8. Hi Lorene,

    Ik zie hem hier wel bijstaan, hoor. Dank voor je reactie. Leuk weer iemand uit Nederland te 'ontmoeten' die ook aan dit project bezig is. Ben je er al lang mee bezig, of pas? Hoe ver ben je?

    I can see the answer here. Thanks for your reaction. Fun to see another quilter from the Netherlands working on this project. How far is your project by now?


  9. What a wonderful gift for your sister. The making of it will be a gift to you as well. Enjoy every moment!

  10. Your sister will be thrilled with her quilt, and you, I am sure will thoroughly enjoy making it, especially being involved in this blog. Good luck.

  11. Hi TexasJane and Ann,

    Yes, being able to make something like this quilt for my sister, gives me just the right idea to make the quilt. I dó will have a lot of fun making it, and because of this blog, gives me so much more pleasure.

    Thank you


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