Friday, January 27, 2012

Question about block #1.

Dear ladies, I am confused about the 'leaves' in the upper left and upper right corner of block #1. Are these leaves? Or birds? I have seen several different possibilities, and would like to hear from you which you have choosen.

The same shape of applique appears to be in the upper left corner of block #7, the one with the two peacocks. It is not that I cannot decide for myself, but I am interested in your choice of shape and color.

Hope to hear from you
Sylvia Kaptein


  1. I was curious about those shapes too. You can look fairly closely at pictures of the original quilt (posted on this blog in Nov 2010) My opinion is that they are meant to be hummingbirds.

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    I think that the 2 things in the corner are leaves. At least that's what I put on my block. The things in the peacocks look like it's breath (adem). I think! Just my humble opinion!


  3. Hi Janet,

    I have seen one quilt that has birds instead of leaves, so that lady had the same idea. Have you made birds too?

    Hi Lorene,

    I thought of leaves too, since a lot of ladies have been making leaves. But I have also seen quilts where a totally different shape was appliqued, like butterflies or even nothing... I knot you can make this quilt any way you want to, but sometimes it is fun to know what the original meaning of shapes was.


  4. Hi Sylvia, I made mine into little birds. I have my CWBQ as my current blog header if you want to see a close up. (Look for Under Quilted Covers on the sidebar blogs) I rearranged my blocks a bit and that block is in the upper left corner. Your block is lovely.
    Happy Stitching,

    1. Cheri, I really like what you did with the elephant block, substituting sheep for the elephant and trainer. I'm not crazy about circus themes, generally, but like the horses so was thinking about how to change the block to suit my tastes. It's nice to see what other Brides have done with their blocks.

  5. Dear Cheri,

    Thank you, but the block on the picture is the one from the pattern. I have not posted a picture of my block yet, because I had doubts about the applique. Today I finished the first block, and I will post a picture soon.


  6. I believe those shapes are supposed to be birds flying down to get nectar from the flowers. I substituted four small Baltimore Album birds in place of them, believing at the time that the shapes were amorphous leaves. I like my little birds, but making the leaf-shape more birdlike would have been nice too.

  7. Hi Mery,

    I agree, changing is really a challenge and worth the effort, because you take an old pattern into something new. It becomes something unique too, so even though the basic pattern is the same, every participant of this club makes her own new quilt.


  8. My group decided they are hummingbirds.

  9. Also, the big pink birds we decided were buzzards and the fabric of the original had faded to pink and the designer of the "reproduction" didn't realize that. My group also made the buzzards dark! I love the quilt. Everytime I look at it, I smile.


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