Monday, February 20, 2012

My second block

AFter my first block in January , I am back with the second block :
It is not completely finished because I did not yet have done the center of the flowers.
I wait till the blocks around are done to choose the color of the centers.
Indeed, I am still afraid by the global effect the quilt will give, and I keep some details undone. I will probably finish these details once I am sure the whole quilt will be gay enough. What do you think about this method , I am opened to any suggestions as I am a beginner in this kind of project ?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finished at last.

After eighteen months off and on, my bride is finished and delivered to my quilter, who will have her ready for me to finish for an exhibition in March. It has been an enjoyable journey, sometimes challenging, and very rewarding. The most frustrating part has been finding it very difficult {impossible} to post photos of my progress. I think any other stitching will an anti climax for a few months, however now my very neglected garden will get some attention.  Ann in N.Z.