Friday, April 6, 2012

groom block

I haven't worked on my blocks for a very long time. Seeing posts with completed quilts got me motivated again - thanks! Finally last night I finished my groom block. Well - sort of finished - he still needs some embroidery. He's supposed to helping his bride pick apples. I think He might also need something to stand on - opps :0)Only 5 more blocks to go and then the borders!
Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Janet, I really like your groom block. I'm also going to make a groom for mine. LIke the way you added the flowers similar to the bride block. I also need 5 more & borders.

  2. Like your idea of "helping the bride". Five left is almost finished,,,, keep at it. We are rooting for you.

  3. They look lovely together, a good match. Keep up the good work, you are nearly there, it is very rewarding when you can finally sew all the blocks together. Ann in NZ,

  4. I really like the idea of adding a groom and this groom is a very handsome one! I'm only doing my first block, so no need to think about brides and grooms yet ;)

  5. Love your Groom! I am still working one block one!
    Elaine Surrey UK
    Blog -

  6. Hi Janet,

    Your groom block looks great. Wonderful idea to make such a block!

    Sylvia Kaptein
    The Netherlands, Europe

  7. Your groom block is wonderful! He goes very well with your bride. The end is in sight for you.


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