Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi -- I am brand new to this; in fact, I have just ordered the pattern from Australia and am not sure when it will be received!    Am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.  Am very impressed with the beautiful blocks and quilts I've seen on the blog so far!

Saw the original quilt at a museum when I was a child, and fell in love with it!  Now, as an older adult and a long-time quilter, I'm looking forward to creating my own -- especially with the large black dogs, since I have had Newfoundlands for the past 30 years!  Annie


  1. welcome Annie, looking forward to your start...

  2. Hi Annie, well come to the group. I'm sure you are going to have great time making this quilt. I have not finished mine yet, it has been on hold for some time now, but I will get back to it.
    Looking forward seeing your choice of fabric.
    Happy stitching

  3. OK Goat Lady, which is going to be your first block???

  4. Mimi -- I haven't received the pattern yet, so am not sure which block will be my first. In the meantime I did order some fabric (Corliss emailed me how much to buy) for the background, tan with a tiny overall element. Have been looking at older posts and admiring the wonderful creativity other quilters have shown and also the fact that several have made changes that meet their design needs. I may include a goat somewhere in mine...

  5. I too am just beginning this quilt. I have started with the bride block because I wanted to feel the essence of what the quilt was about. I have it almost I think I want to do a groom block...hmmmmmmmmmmm


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