Saturday, May 5, 2012

My 5th block

Here is my 5th block and happy to keep the rythm of one block each month :

As I am sharing this project with two friends Gaelle and Valerie,
I want to show you Gaelle's blocks.

They are so different and so gay ..
She uses as background a fabric which figures french school text book

These 3 blocks are not completely finished but Gaelle is working on them ...


  1. very, very, very beautiful


  2. Love your touch of bright pastels in this quilt! Really beautiful!

  3. As a newcomer, it's nice to learn about and see other's approach to this quilt. I too, plan to try and do one block a month. At this point I'm just working on fabric selection, which I want to be scrappy, but still have some cohesion. To those of you who are farther along (that's everyone), did you select all your fabrics for the whole quilt first, pick general colors/styles or decide as you went along? Would you do it the same way if you were starting it over? Thanks so much! Annie

    1. I did not select all my fabrics , only the background fabric.
      I just decided to use some of my reproduction fabrics and then I construct each block adding others fabrics .


  5. I selected fabrics as I went, and kept adding new ones, but tried to keep to colours which'went' together.Lovely selection of colours in the above blocks.

  6. I do as Ann in NZ I kept adding new ones Hope they match together I'm not sure but I've done only 3 the fourth one is on the way more "psychedelic" as before but I have fun each time
    Gaëlle from France


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