Sunday, June 17, 2012

First 2 blocks

Hi every one,

I'm proud to present my first 2 blocks of the bride.
Altough I'm still deciding if the apple thingies should be green or pink. I'll see when it's about finished.

And I've been prepping the next 4 blocks. I know, that sounds like a lot, but it will keep me in stitches during the childrens summer vacation.

It looks awful, I know, but it will get better. I was so proud of myself of what I managed to do on the upper left hand block. And then I cut into my background. That will teach me! But I managed to repair it to my satisfaction.

I'm not doing the bride just now, because I'm thinking of changing a couple of blocks to make it mine, adding the groom and a house with some kind of  referal to the 3 kids we have, but that has to stew some more.

For now, 4 blocks in this stage will keep me busy enough for a while.

Enjoy what you're doing!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Here is my first block on my Civil War Bride journey.  I am choosing to try to do a folk art quilt therefore I have some wonky (AKA plaid) leaves.  Some leaves are also batik along with printed fabrics.  The cherries are made with cherry red ultra suede to add a different texture to the quilt---every so slightly.  It also helps make ROUND little shapes.  The buds are folded to make 3-D rose buds.  I embroidered a white flower in her hair to make her a true bride.  I was pleased to find the tiny cherry print I used in her bloomers.  :)  My applique skills need some honing....but I am sure can only hope to improve with each block on this adventure.

Nineteen blocks completed.  The space is for a groom block my daughter is drafting.  Since this quilt is to commemorate our 40th wedding anniversary in August 2013, a groom is essential.

Haven't posted in a long while.  I've been working quietly and enjoying every stitch.