Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Always find time to stitch!

August was a busy month with a week's holidays at the cottage and (finally!) finishing Amy's wedding quilt.

I did manage to find a few spare moments to complete Block #2 of The Civil War Bride Quilt.
This block was not difficult at all.  It just has a lot of pieces!  Now... on to #3!
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another birdie.....

This is my 17th block for the CWBQ.....another three to go! The bird in this block is of my design.  This one bird looks a little lonely, doesn't he?  I am so inspired to continue on this journey with the amazing quilters on this blog!  Keep quilting!

Friday, August 10, 2012

My finished bride ...

Hurrah!  Wahoo!  And all those other exclamations! 

My bride is finally done.  I entered it in my local guild quilt show and won first place in the  "applique" category.  And I won the celebrity judge award ... Justice Kauger, who is on  the Oklahoma Supreme Court, chose my quilt over all the others at the show.  That was a wonderful surprise.

I have really enjoyed the journey this quilt has provided for me but I am glad it is done.  My husband's comment when it was completed ... "Are we going to be sleeping under that?"  Of course I told him no ... well .. maybe just one quick nap ... then it's up to hanging on the wall in my bedroom.  There is less direct light in that room and, more importantly, I will get to look at it first thing when I wake and last thing when I go to bed.  How great will that be?!?

Good luck to everyone as they complete this journey!  Lizzie, you can take me off the list since I'm done.

Judy E in Oklahoma

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two more blocks finished in July

Here are two of the blocks I finished in July.  I decided to make the birds in block one look more realistic and added a little embroidery to the top of the vase.  In block 4 I changed the orientation of the bird as it bothered me looking upside down.  (Just my own preference.)  I did the grapes with two different shades of ultra suede to add a different texture to the blocks.  I will use it for the strawberry tops and bird legs too--thank you to fellow stitchers for that wonderful hint.  I have five more blocks prepped and am enjoying my journey.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just start!

Well!  I am taking the plunge!

Here is my first (and not my last!) block of The Civil War Bride Quilt.  I started stitching this block while on holidays in Nova Scotia.
My advice to anyone who thinks this project is beyond their skill level.....don't be afraid...just get started!  By the time you finish the last block, just think what an amazing appliquer you will be!!
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