Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Progression - at last...

Okay, I have been very quiet recently, but I have been able to make some progress on my Bride over the months. Although, I am still far from being done (having too many other projects on the side), I still want to show you some of my advances. I have sewn my 12 blocks together and also added the top and bottom border.
I am quite fond of the detailed additions on the bottom, so I want to show them to you in detail. As I had made alterations to the quilt at large and am using fewer block, I felt, I have liberty to make alterations at the borders as well. So, instead of the many birds, I wanted to highlight elements that are important to me in my life. One of these is music, which is exemplified by my guitar and bluegrass mandolin:
As an avid sewer and quilter, I had to include also a sewing machine, naturally. Despite the fact, that the Featherweight is much younger than Civil War times, I felt that is has such a classic and recognizable appeal to it... So, here it is:
The side borders, on which I am currently working, will feature the flower vines, but will also contain books, a kite, sewing paraphernalia and what nots... Then, I have to figure out how to connect the vines in the corners as I have now altered patterns as well as what to put into them. Maybe more cats?!
Hope you like it!

Greetings from the Rhine,


  1. Amazing and beautiful. A masterpiece! Thank you for sharing!

    Cheery wave from

  2. The items you have added are wonderful. You have many interests by putting them on your quilt future generations will say......

  3. It is beautiful Britta, this is what I love most about this quilt, you can so easily add your own personal touches and yet it is still recognized as a Civil War Bride/Bird of Paradise quilt. Don't you just know that a hundred or so years in the future some quilt historians and quilt lovers are going to have fun with conjecturing about these quilts.

  4. Wonderful work. I love how you personalized it!


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