Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big hand syndrome, elephant block

I'm feeling a little sorry for my bride as the only chap in town seems to have giant hands syndrome and is living in a surreal wonderland.  No wonder I have not been able to find her. She has probably legged it. As a wise old lady said to me once,

""Why would any sensible woman put beans up her nose twice?"

You wouldn't think my worst vice is a G&T if I go out for dinner (so they're few and far between) as I'm starting to think this looks a little magic mushroomy.

I had trouble on this block with the horses, the legs just seemed to be too close together to get a decent amount for needleturn. I had a couple of attempts. The first ended up with anorexic legs that didn't look like a horse at all.

The second had a John Wayne leg thing going on, something serious was medically wrong with it.

I asked a graphic designer friend to find me a horse outline that was similar that I managed to tweak. And lo, there were two yellow polka dot horses to add to the block.

Artists often use mirrors to look at their work as it gives them a different perspective, almost like looking at another painter's work. I'm starting to realise that the camera works in a similar way. Looking at the photos here, I see all sorts of things that aren't evident to me in the flesh.

One of the horses looks a bit wolfish and the pink elephant seems to be charging his trainer. Quite why the wolf & horse are up on a wonky Ikea shelf above them is harder to explain.


  1. You are hilarious and your block is sensational!

  2. He He He I am going to enjoy this journey with you :)
    You are right about the IKEA shelves, I always wondered about them when I was making my bride and decided they were just some sort of wonky block dividers.

  3. I LOVE your sensibility and your interpretation of this quilt!!!! I almost want to tackle it myself - but I'd want to do a Lisa Smallbod version!!

  4. omg, your critique is hilarious! : ) maybe if your bride has really big hobbit feet, they will make a very complimentary match. cheers!


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