Monday, November 26, 2012

Quilting conundrum

Now, I know I'm getting way ahead of myself here, but quilting has been on my mind.  Despite my first attempt at quilt as you go turning into Quilt As You Fail, I am toying with the idea of trying it.

I'm a little scared about quilting the pieced top as it looks terribly fiddly.  However Quilt As You Fail is burned into my psyche (and the offending result is a cautionary tale for quilters everywhere).

I experimented on this block to see how fiddly it would be. 

Last time I found QAYF great for the blocks but it all fell apart (pun intended) at the block joining stage.

I wondered if anyone else has tried QAYG for this quilt or has tips on how to quilt the pieced top without resorting to a Valium/white wine based diet?

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