Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7th Block Done!

Even with Christmas around the corner, I managed to find the time to finish my block.  I loved working on this block!  It went surprisingly fast and  (trust me) not difficult at all!

The bird's feet and beak are pretty tiny so I decided to use Ultra-Suede for those pieces.  After they were stitched in place, I thought they could use a bit more definition so I outlined them with a brown Micron permanent marker.  It also helps to hide the stitches!




  1. I like the effect of outlining the ultrasuede with the micron pen, good idea and very pretty block.

  2. Great Idea Kerry!! love your birds fabrics that you used and the ingenuity on how to work with smaller pieces.Very tallented ladies on this blog!!

  3. beautiful block and lovely little feet!


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