Thursday, December 27, 2012

Block 4 finished!

This was a lovely block to make.
I put it the other way up, because the bird upside down makes me feel dizzy!

and a close-up


  1. Your block looks lovelyl! Your grapes are so beautifully round.

  2. I love your bird block. The grapes are perfect and your color choice is gorgeous. I too am going to put my bird going up....not down. I have read that a falling bird can symbolize a the pale vultures, no groom etc....but I think it was just put in upside down. :) Like I have been known to do. Nice job.

  3. You've done a beautiful job ! I'm going to follow your blog because I also love doing applique.

  4. Your block is beautiful! I too did not like the bird looking as though it was up side down. But, I saw on a church the same bird and realized it is the descending dove. Between the dove, the grapes and grapevine, it is a very spiritual block. I have decided to follow her example and leave it upside down! I hope to finish more blocks in the new year - only 8 more to go!


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