Friday, February 15, 2013

Two new Blocks and a Drawing

Since last time I finished two more blocks,
and block 12 where I took away some of the flowers, and put in two little birds

 I also decided to have a Groom, and have used block #6 to draw my Groom block

This is the one I am working on at the moment.


  1. Oh to be able to draw, your man is just so handsome!!
    Your blocks are just stunning too. I love your birdies and that table cloth really stands out

  2. Your table block is so pretty! I love the tablecloth. I like how you have drawn your groom. The block is so full of applique and will go beautifully with the other blocks.

  3. Wow Jane, your blocks are so beautiful. The tablecloth is just perfect, and the vase is absolutely gorgeous, actually both of them. Good thinking - take out some flowers for birds - makes it more personal. The groom block looks promising.

  4. They are lovely blocks. There's so much to like about them, table cloth (beautiful), color of apples on the table, birdies by your vase, and especially the groom. You did a great job drawing him. I really like the little dog in his arms too. I want one just like him!

  5. Your blocks are so pretty. I just got my book and am dying to start on it. Your fabrics are just so perfect.

  6. oh my goodness just looking at the time all have commented..pre 7 am.. just wow
    i have just started this quilt so I am very new to all of this and I am intereted how it really is done.

  7. Oh, Jane, you are moving on! All your blocks are outstanding. Your groom is going to be wonderful!

  8. I really love your groom block. I wonder if it would be okay with you if I used the idea of putting the groom in block 6 as you did and created a similar groom.
    I am done with my first row of blocks but am not part of the group since there was not room when I started my quilt.
    Maybe you can reply to me in the comments since I am not "in the group". I do not want to borrow your idea without your permission. Thank you.


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