Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Spring Inspired Block

Judging by the buds on the trees and the tiny shoots poking out of the earth, spring is finally here!   I have also spotted a  bird building a nest right outside our window.  This block reminds me that spring is the best time of year!  Instead of putting 5 eggs in the nest  like the original pattern, I added 3 eggs, one for each of my amazing kids!

I am eager to start the next block.  I have the pattern traced on my background and my bias is cut and ready to go!




  1. What a pretty block. I like your idea about the eggs. I think it makes a quilt extra special when it has personal meaning.

  2. This block is perfect for spring--great idea for the eggs (and I love the blue)

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  4. A beautiful block and your prep work for the next one is perfect.


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