Monday, May 6, 2013

Finding inspiration in the garden

This is my latest block from Civil War Bride.  I wish my garden looked as good!

I wanted the vase to be extra special, so I fussy cut this fabric.  A bit of extra work, but definitely worth the extra effort!

Now, on to the next block!

Keep stitching!
Simple Bird Applique


  1. Your stitching is so inspiring - thank you for sharing your beautiful block!

  2. Absolutely it was worth the extra work, that vase is great!

  3. i love the fabric you chose for your vase. The block is truly beautiful!

  4. Well worth the fussy cutting I say. Your block looks beautiful

  5. Gorgeous work. Each block is a treasure. I love the vase idea, really clever! :-)

  6. So, so pretty. I like how the flowers with light and dark blue make the whole block seem to sparkle. Pretty vase too.


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