Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finding the perfect fabric!

Just finished another block!

 I searched through my stash for some fabrics that would make the peacock look regal!  I couldn't find anything in my stash, so I searched through my friend's stash and this is what I found!
The medallion fabric just begged to be fussy-cut, so I used Karen Kay Buckley's "Perfect Circles" to make the feather details.
I also used Ultra-Suede to make the feet.  After stitching the feet in place, I used a Micron marker and drew along the edge of the Ultra-Suede to hide my stitches and add some definition.

Keep Stitching!



  1. Just Beautiful !!!! Keep going.

  2. Your peahen is beautiful. Smart idea to outline the feet, it worked perfectly.

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  4. I am wondering how big this quilt is going to be and how many blocks you have created so far!
    It is amazing how much work you have put into it and this bird block is beautiful.
    I have just made a bird out of clay. We are intune with each other, Jeanette! xx;-)


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