Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ultra Suede Scraps

Wow, it has been such a long time since I've worked on my quilt!  I am now getting back into it and I hope to have some photos to share soon.
In the meantime, may I ask you all where you found the ultra suede for the feet?  I only have a Joann's locally and they don't carry it, and I have had no success online.  Well, I guess if I wanted to order the minimum 1 yard at $65 p/y I would!
If anyone has a scrap of a brown or tan ultra suede they would like to sell, I would be very interested!
Thank you,


  1. HI Dorothy, sorry I couldn't talk to you this morning, you should be able to get ultra suede from anywhere that sells teddy making's used for paws, at least that's what I used to use it for..

  2. I found small packets on ebay.

  3. I bought mine at the Applique Academy. One of the vendors was selling assorted packages.

  4. Search the internet for "ultra suede scraps". Here is just one I found:

  5. Nancy's Notions sells (or used to, I haven't checked lately) a package of 25 or so different colors of about 5" ultra-suede pieces.

    Barbara in MD

  6. Hi....check your Thrift Shops....I have found many Untra-suede garments in the ones around here.....such a bargain for all that expensive material at "thrift" prices!

  7. Try finding them in the notions sections as Ultra Suede Elbow Patches. They are used to extend the life of a man's sport coat. I have a package of brown and black that I've had for years. Maybe they still sell them.

  8. Check out Faye Labanaris's web site.
    She sells small packets of different

    Stella in Ma.

  9. Wow, those are all great ideas and resources. I appreciate everyone's input and I am anxious to try them all. Thank you so much!


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