Monday, October 28, 2013

Next Row Finished

I finished the next row and have started on the next block...also I have all the blocks cut out and parts of the borders cut and  ready to applique.  I have fabrics piled in color groups all over my sewing room and I'm ready to put it all away.   I'm doing this close to the original quilt with few changes.  Also doing each block in a different reproduction shirting background and the borders will be pieced out of these shirtings fabrics. 

I would like to clarify about cutting out the backs of the blocks.  Since I will be hand quilting this quilt I like to remove the extra layer of fabric from the back (see picture) of the larger pieces if I think I might be quilting on top of it.  My stitches are much smaller if I do this time consuming process. 


  1. Oh Julee the shirting backgrounds really look good. Your quilt is coming together beautifully,

  2. When did you start the quilt?

    1. I started appliquing again the last week of September and posted on October 13th...I already had the first 5 blocks done.


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