Thursday, November 21, 2013

next 2 blocks

Back from my quilting retreat and this is what I accomplished.  I had to do the embroidery work when I got home and add few of the acorns on the first block.  As I said earlier I'm making mine close to the original quilt.  I enlarged the fruit block  from the picture and used the vase that is with the pattern to make this block.  I found in my stash a blue toile with fruit that
I used for the vase and added 2 extra apples, one in the middle and on top.  I also have put the centers in the flowers that are on the top border and have a few pieces sewed on the next block.  Its a cold, rainy November day here in Iowa so it's a good day for sewing.....until next time.  Julee 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Journey is Over!

I had a busy weekend planned, but I made sure I kept enough time aside to stitch the final border on my Civil War Bride Quilt!  I am excited to have finally completed this rather ambitious quilt. My advice to anyone who is thinking about making this quilt...Do It! 


Simple Bird Applique

4th Row

I finished this row faster than I thought I would.  The Elephant block took the longest as it has lots of embroidery work on it.  While I was embroidering the horses's names I done the names for the ones on outside border.  I used 2 different colored strands of 2 variegated twist #12 Valdani threads for the rope.  First time I ever used 2 different strands in one needle but the trick is not to get the thread very long for less knotting.  Again from the elephant block pattern I shorten the trainers' arm and rounded his head and gave some more width to the horses.  If you noticed I have not been putting in the boards in any of the blocks, it was something that I just didn't care for in this quilt. As I said earlier in a posting that I was keeping it close to the original but not exact.   I have been keeping track of how many pieces are in each block and I'm upto 833 total so far.  Don't let that number intimidate you for the ones that are going to do this quilt...just look at all the Baltimore album style quilts and there are many more pieces than this one...and this quilt is going fairly fast for me and I'm enjoying each part of it.  Added a close up of the animals blocks.  When I was looking at the original quilt in the book I noticed she put feet on the little bird above the cat, it looked like it had 'landing gear' down and ready for a landing, maybe on the cat??? again another change on the pattern.  Until next time...Julee

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello! I"m a New Member!

Hello everyone! My name is Bev Bryan and I'm a new member of your blog! I'm so excited! I've been on the waiting list for what seems like forever! So Yipee!

I've recently started on my Civil War Bride quilt and I have the first block finished and am getting ready to start the second.
So here is my first block. My applique isn't that great but I love doing it! My photos are also not the best but I was so excited that I wanted to start blogging right away! Here's a closeup of the little birds:
I used a bleach pen to make eyes. Too cheezy? I've learned so much following this blog and I really look forward to continuing on with my blocks and getting to know everyone! Thanks so much for having me! XO and cheery wave from Bev!

Friday, November 8, 2013

My finished quilt

This is the moment I have been looking forward to - finishing this quilt, mostly made with the Civil War bride patterns, with some elements from the original quilt, and some of my own drawings.
It is for my daughter in law Catalina, and is called "Catalina's Paradise."
It was done with 'old-fashioned' needleturn, and I used echo quilting to quilt it. The echo quilting did not take as long as quilting around all the applique!

A close-up of some of the quilting and the name of the quilt..

And my initials....

I have really enjoyed making this quilt!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to apply words

I thought I would show you how I'm going to do the words for the race horses & elephant.  First printed the words using #28 font and Engravers MT lettering, then used the CHACOPAPER (found this at Hobby Lobby).   Layer the fabric on bottom then the tracing paper with the printed words on top.  Next draw over each letter which will transfer onto fabric.  When this is done I did go back over each word with SEWLINE pen with white lead to make it a little darker.   I have been refering to the actual quilt top printed in the 'QUILTS Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum' book and using Threadbear's pattern.  I plan on using the pictures from the book for part of  my labels plus my own info on a label.  Now I'm ready to start doing the embroidery hand work, I know people could do this on sewing machine but then it would take the fun out of it and I like the looks of hand work.   I have finished the block with the turkey & rooster but will post again when I get this row finished and attached to other rows.    If you look in upper right corner are the next four blocks cut and ready to go...I'm glad I have this all cut out as I'm going to a quilt retreat down to Missouri close to the Arkansas border next week for 4 days.    Probably won't post again until I get back and see how much I get accomplished.      

Monday, November 4, 2013

Stitching in the Sun

Just came home from the sunny south where I stitched in the sunshine!

One more border and I will be finished!  Yipee!

Keep stitching...
Simple Bird Applique

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another block finished

I put on the last flower today, pressed, trim to correct size and cut out the back area.  This block is made like the original quilt not like the block from Threadbear's pattern.  I put in the funny shaped leaves coming out of the bowl and fussy cut the bowl from reproduction column fabric to get the eagle.  This is my blue flowers block and cut out several more blue flowers to go in the top border.  I've also made my blocks square, 14" instead of retangle like her pattern, so I widen out each block which is easy to do.  I have already pinned on the dog in my next block.  I stay up late every night and watch TV while I applique, thats why I get so much done...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Another block done

Finished #13 peacock block.  I couldn't decide if I needed the circles on the tail, so in the end I just let the fabric do the talking....I jumped over the next two blocks which are the animals and just about have the flower block done #16...  I also finished cutting out all the borders and when this is all done I'm sure there will be over 1000 pieces of applique, no wonder it has taken me so long to get everything cut out.....