Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4th Row

I finished this row faster than I thought I would.  The Elephant block took the longest as it has lots of embroidery work on it.  While I was embroidering the horses's names I done the names for the ones on outside border.  I used 2 different colored strands of 2 variegated twist #12 Valdani threads for the rope.  First time I ever used 2 different strands in one needle but the trick is not to get the thread very long for less knotting.  Again from the elephant block pattern I shorten the trainers' arm and rounded his head and gave some more width to the horses.  If you noticed I have not been putting in the boards in any of the blocks, it was something that I just didn't care for in this quilt. As I said earlier in a posting that I was keeping it close to the original but not exact.   I have been keeping track of how many pieces are in each block and I'm upto 833 total so far.  Don't let that number intimidate you for the ones that are going to do this quilt...just look at all the Baltimore album style quilts and there are many more pieces than this one...and this quilt is going fairly fast for me and I'm enjoying each part of it.  Added a close up of the animals blocks.  When I was looking at the original quilt in the book I noticed she put feet on the little bird above the cat, it looked like it had 'landing gear' down and ready for a landing, maybe on the cat??? again another change on the pattern.  Until next time...Julee


  1. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your blocks look fantastic! I look forward to row 5 :0)

  3. Julee it looks just wonderful. One of the things I love about this quilt is you can make personal changes but it is still recognizable as the Civil War Bride. Have fun with the borders, you are getting really close to having the top done.


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