Thursday, November 21, 2013

next 2 blocks

Back from my quilting retreat and this is what I accomplished.  I had to do the embroidery work when I got home and add few of the acorns on the first block.  As I said earlier I'm making mine close to the original quilt.  I enlarged the fruit block  from the picture and used the vase that is with the pattern to make this block.  I found in my stash a blue toile with fruit that
I used for the vase and added 2 extra apples, one in the middle and on top.  I also have put the centers in the flowers that are on the top border and have a few pieces sewed on the next block.  Its a cold, rainy November day here in Iowa so it's a good day for sewing.....until next time.  Julee 


  1. I was wondering if you were going to do the bowl of oranges. It looks wonderful! I like the apples you added and the blue vase/bowl fabric is perfect!


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