Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More pictures

I could only post 3 pictures on the other posting.....close up of my products I use.  Yes, there is a bent needle in the package as this is where I put them (upside down) when they are damaged.  I have tried other brands but I bend them too easy.  This brand is easy to thread the eye of needle.   I also pull my quilt fairly tight in the hoop, smoothing back side and  top, if its too tight just push my hand in middle to loosen. 

Quilting Progress

I have done lots of hand quilting since January 2nd.  I have all 20 blocks outlined and working on the third block for diagonal stitching. 

The top photo is how I'm doing my method of marking.  I usually make my quilts for competition and one thing that keeps you from winning is pencil marks showing.  I use the ruler to line up my 3/4" masking tape and just eye the distance between each piece of tape and then quilt between the tapes.  I reuse the tapes 2 or 3 times and then get new pieces, and as I pull off each tape I stick them to the table next to me.  I fianally decided how to quilt it and it will be done this way: one block lines going bottom right to top left and the next block bottom left to top right.  Planning on going back and adding another quilted line in between each line after I get all the blocks done and will do straight lines out to edge on borders. I think this will give it more of an antique look as many were heavly quilted.   I also use the big 23" hoop so I can get the whole block in the frame and it helps keep the blocks straight and will change to the 18" or oval hoop when I do the borders.     Products I'm using, YLI quilting thread, natural, Colonial size 10 quilting needles and silver thimble by Thimbles by TJ.  I had the good forunte of having her move only 1/2 hour away from me, so of course I have several of her thimbles that are made just for me.  If you can treat yourself to one of her thimbles that are fitted just for you, it's worth every penny.   

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Made my Goal 2013

I set myself a goal to have this quilt top finished by the last day of December.....I made it.  Plan on basting it together tomorrow to ready for hand quilting.  I will start quilting by outlining everything and go back and do the cross hatching.  My next goal will be April 1st to finish my quilting but will be gone for 3 weeks, so will see how close I come to this goal. 
As you can see I did the borders like the original quilt even though I'm using Threadbear's pattern.  The total applique pieces count is 1346.  The next picture (oops! had trouble downloading images) is a close up of the soliders on the dogs.  Lots of embroidery work and I did use gold thread for the buttons and stripe on pant leg and black pigma pen for making the face.  Also again used 2 threads of #8 tweed Valdani thread to make the ropes to make it look much thicker.

This picture is the close up area of the two last blocks that I did not post and where I left off from last posting along with close up of borders.

I really enjoyed making this quilt.  Now I can get back to finishing couple other tops that I started.  2013 was my year to get projects finished and I did get several things done and plan on getting the rest of my UFO's done in 2014.  Hope everyone has a great & healthy New Year.  I will post after I get some quilting done so until then Happy New Year.