Monday, February 3, 2014

So big …not so easy to have a photo of the whole quilt

2 block are different from the original one.
I replaced the two blocks with series of animals .. 
by :
- the husband .. I share with Gaelle, my partner on this project,  this block,
- a block with cherries branch, because there is  a big cherry tree ,( that I am afraid is on its way to the end ..)

I am proud of reaching this first step of this project …finishing the top 
 the second step is for me much more difficult : quilting !

Claire (from Paris, France) 


  1. This is so beautiful that I don't have enough good things to cover it! Amazing, Gorgeous, Fabulous....

    I'm on block 2 so this is inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing! WTG!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Your top looks just glorious!! I love the bright colors you have used. Your replaced blocks go very well with the rest. I'm cheering you on for the quilting!

  3. I too am proud of you! What an accomplishment Bravo Bravo!! Gorgeous to top it off, the appilque was the hardest you will find the quilting go alot faster since you don't have to pick out the fabric for it..LOL

  4. Love your quilt. No matter what changes you make you still recognize it as the Civil War Bride quilt.

  5. Your quilt is truly beautiful, you should feel proud. Thank you for sharing.


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