Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Groom has arrived!

I'm evaluating whether to embroider or to ink in facial details?
Next block...the golden eagles!


  1. Lynn, your groom is very romantic. . .I've been enjoying this blog for some time, but it seems like there are fewer people posting. I've made the first 8 blocks and would like to be a member. . .am I still on the waiting list?

  2. Your groom looks great! I love his coat :0) I'm working away on my borders right now. I kind of forget to post my progress here - I usually just post on my blog. I still just love this quilt and the blog is a tremendous help and inspiration to me. Keep going!! Inking or embroidery will look good I think.

  3. Your groom is so nice, Lynn. I can see why he captured the bride's heart.


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