Monday, May 25, 2015

A special table

...with cherries and apples to enjoy!  I've made the fringe on the tablecloth to match the red and gold paisley print.  It took a bit of time--but I'm pleased with the results!  Now--onto the double bird eating some apples!


  1. I think your table cloth fringe looks amazing! I didn't even attempt it on mine. Your tablecloth looks lovely altogether - do you think I can order one for my dining room? :0)

  2. Your Block is beautiful! ... The Fringe is Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful block. How in the world did you get your fringe to look so amazingly real.
    This pattern has been languishing on my shelfs for years.

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  5. A very nice block. I love your fringe. Will you tell us the secret how you did it so exactly? :)

  6. Really pretty block. I like the fabric you used for your vase, and like everyone else has mentioned, the fringe is fabulous.


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